We’ve written some articles to help explain FMD, what it is, what manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies will have to do, and what happens next.

FMD articles

FMD (1): What is the Falsified Medicines Directive?


FMD (2): What community pharmacies will have to do


FMD (3): What happens next for FMD?


FMD jargon buster

FMD WG for Community Pharmacy jargon buster (12 Dec 17) FINAL

We’ll be adding more over the next few months.

These articles can be reproduced and used freely with credit to the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy.

FMD diagrams


Diagram showing how products and data move throught the supply chain and how this will interact with FMD.


FMD presentations

These presentations help explain the background to FMD, as well as what’s been happening recently and the next steps towards implementation.

FMD presentation (1): Introduction to FMD

FMD presentation (1) Introduction to FMD (on UK FMD) (Dec 17) FINAL UPDATED

FMD presentation (2): Progress update on FMD

FMD presentation (2) Progress update on FMD (on UK FMD) (Dec 17) v3

These presentations can be used freely on the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy template, with names of presenters added as necessary.

The state of play with FMD, published by Today’s Pharmacist